Online casino games and fairness

By 23 July 2021

Your licensed is as fair and trustworthy as your neighborhood bank. There is a very little chance that its games can be rigged by hackers and cybercriminals. Yet, many people believe that casino operators manipulate their games to make a fast buck. Nothing could be farther from truth, and this article will dispel many doubts on casinos and the fairness of their games. Please keep reading this article to clear your misgivings.

Licensed online casinos

Your casino is bound to be fair if it is a licensed entity. Licensed and regulated gambling websites follow all the rules and regulations set down by the gambling regulators. But receiving a gambling license is not easy as it involves a strict adherence to all the rules regarding game performance, payments, trust, fairness, and other legal issues. Casinos who flout these rules can lose their certificates and licenses very quickly. Always gamble on approved casinos.

Most of the time, you will see casinos sporting licenses from the U.K. Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority, the Government of Curacao and the government of Gibraltar. You can view casinos' licenses at the bottom of the homepage; if there is no information available, send an email to your gambling website. But licenses aren't the only thing that tell us about the casinos' fairness. There are also Random Number Generators to ensure trust.

What are Random Number Generators?

Called RNGs cryptically, these are complex computer programs that spew out utterly random numbers, symbols, and their permutations and combinations when you spin your slot, play Blackjack, etc. Random Number Generators are virtual machines and their results can't be rigged, manipulated, cancelled or even predicted. Theoretically, it is possible to work your way around an RNG, but the effort required would be tremendous. By the time a hacker finds his way out, gambling auditors would remodel the RNG.

Random Number Generators of all the licensed online casinos are regularly monitored by third party auditors like eCogra. These monitors are known for their technical expertise, professionalism, and integrity. Thousands of online casinos all over the world work with eCogra and others to ensure that their games run fairly. Look up the eCogra seal at the bottom of your casino's homepage. If you are a U.S. based player, your online casino would be monitored by some other body.

Online games information

If you are losing your money on your slot, table or card games or jackpot non-stop, it doesn't mean your game is rigged. Perhaps, you don't know the rules of that game. This is a common problem with slot players who think that each game performs the same way. Note that some slots have higher Return to Player scores than the others. These games might give you higher returns. Every licensed online casino shows its slots' RTPs.

Highly volatile slots can make you lose all your bonus earnings very quickly. These games are highly temperamental in nature; you can even win huge amounts of money in just a matter of minutes. Slots' variance is also displayed by their respective casinos. There are other hidden symbols in your online slot. Unless you know about them, how can you even hope to win some money. Look up at your game's paytable and unlock your winning potential.

Final thoughts on casinos and rigging

While there are some rotten apples in the basket, the fact remains there is an overwhelming number of online casinos that are fair and trustworthy. For them, riffing their games would mean turning away a lot of their existing and new players. If you are gambling for the first time, consider opening your account on a licensed gambling website. Games of these casinos are run by Random Number Generators that can't be manipulated or rigged.