An interactive guitar chord generator that is easy to understand. guitar chords, major 7, chord generator, chart

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How the Chord Generator works.
1. Start by selecting the KEY on the key wheel (The circle with a "G" in the middle). A red led will light the selected key you click on.
2. Select the TYPE of chord on the chord panel on the left. For example: major, minor, maj7, etc.
3. Watch the chord display on top.
4. The colors indicate the finger in use. That's it!

The chords on the chord panel have been classified in four types:
1. Triads. Chords that have only three notes.
2. Modal Chords. These have four notes and are built according to the modal scales.
3. Ext. These chords have "extensions",  which are notes that belong to the scale but are not part of the triad or modal chord.
4. Sus or "suspended", are chords in which the third note from the root has been replaced either by the second or the forth.