The first one, Guitar Basics, is all you need to know about the instrument. Very descriptive, it will help you understand the following modules.
The second module, Easy Blues, is where the fun begins. Here I explain in detail how the Guitar E-nstructor color system works. I chose blues as a solid base for most playing styles. You will be introduced to the wonderful sound of Blues with easy chord progressions. Blues scales are then explained step by step. Warning: you will be playing the blues in no time.
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What is different about Guitar E-nstructor?
In conventional systems, chord diagrams are figures that represent the guitar in a graphic way. Dots are then used to represent chords, but those systems fail in the most crucial part of all, they don't tell you which finger plays what! And if they do, they have to add extra information that makes the diagram even more difficult to read. A very simple thing like a chord suddenly becomes more complicated.
Guitar E-nstructor tackles the problem by using a distinctive color for each finger. I like to call it subliminal information, because your brain magically absorbs it without even realizing it.
Guitar Instruction
Testimonial 3.
"I think this is the best guitar website I have seen about teaching the instrument. I say this as a guitar player myself. I will be learning some cool stuff here."
Luis Carlos     Illinois, USA
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Testimonial 1.
"...After  just  a  few minutes  reading  through  your material and practicing your examples I suddenly thought 'at last, this is it!' It is worth every penny and thanks for taking the time to put it together."
Paul    London, England. UK.
The same color principle is applied to scales. No more brain damage trying to learn complicated patterns. I break them down in small pieces called boxes that you can easily learn. Each box is a stand alone scale, so you can have fun playing solos even if you don't know the entire fretboard. Once you are ready to take your soloing further, you learn the next box until you master the entire fretboard. Simplicity is the key element, the easier the system the faster you learn. You spend less time studying and more time playing.
Testimonial 2.
"Just wanted to let you know that I think your system using the color coding is great, and very useful.  Nice job."
Matt H.    Boise, Idaho  USA
The final section is called Easy Rock. Major Chords, Minor Chords, Power Chords, Special Chords, and the corresponding scales you need to play any song or create songs of your own. You will explore the sounds of rock and the effects that produce them. You will learn how to improve your sound using YOUR OWN equipment. Read this before you go out and buy your next guitar or effects processor.
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All the chords you need to rock that guitar like you have never done before, and the scales you never thought you could play. Everything is here, three modules packed in one single download.
Dear Guitar Player
For over two decades I have played guitar. Pop, Rock, Alternative, Jazz, Latin. You name it. This wonderful instrument has been part of my life since I was 8 years old, it is like an extension of my spirit. Playing guitar is such a fun and rewarding experience, yet most people fail at it. The truth is, learning is not easy, not with conventional systems. So I took this challenge: to build a guitar system that would be intuitive and simple to use, so that more people could finally reach their dream of playing guitar. What I came up with was a revolutionary idea that surpassed my own expectations.
My name is Luis Medrano, I am the creator of Guitar E-nstructor.
What exactly is Guitar e-nstructor?
Guitar e-nstructor is a revolutionary way of visualizing the guitar. You will find it easier to learn than any other system, making it the most intuitive, hassle free system available today. Functional and direct, the concept is based on something no one thought about before: colors.
A great system is nothing if it can't reach millions of people. For a limited time this system is available for only $5.99.  You can either buy one Banana Coconut Frappuccino at the nearest Starbucks or learn to play guitar for a lifetime.